Who we are



Our name comes from the biblical image of a seed, a metaphor often used: First, it represents the life-giving Word of God in the parable of the sower and other parts of the New Testament (Luke 8; cf. 1 Cor 3:6; Peter 1:23) that is sown into people’s hearts.  We build our lives and our church on God’s Word, which we seek to scatter as far and wide as we can and cultivate as much as we can in ourselves and our communities to bring life and flourishing.
Jesus also likens the Kingdom of God to a mustard seed (Luke 13:18-19) in that it starts out so small and seemingly insignificant, but it grows into something  huge and beautiful.  Our faith is like this and we hope our church will be like this – humble, organic, but multiplying and unstoppably powerful.


We are an Evangelical church. The word ‘evangelical’ comes from the Greek word meaning ‘gospel’ or ‘good news’. So this means we are a gospel-centered church. We believe in the Bible, in Jesus, in his death on the cross for our sins, his resurrection and his return again one day and we gather around the gospel every week to see and savor Jesus so that we grow to be more like Him.

Download our Doctrinal Statement for more information on our beliefs.


The gospel demonstrates that we are all deeply loved by God and that truth changes everything. Personally. Globally. Eternally.
“Gospel” simply means “good news” and is a pronouncement concerning the person and work of Jesus Christ.
The good news is about Jesus: being God, he took on flesh and lived the life we should have lived, a sinless one.
Jesus died the death we should have died, as our substitute.
Jesus rose from the dead, conquering sin and its effects. He thereby proved that he was an acceptable sacrifice upholding God’s justice, defeating sin & death for all those who would believe. The fruition of this good news is in God making all things new-complete restoration, peace, joy, and justice forever.


The gospel changes who we are.
We aren’t defined by what we do. We are defined by what God has done in the person and work of Jesus Christ.
What we do is based upon and motivated by what God has done and who God has made us to be. This is all the outworking of faith in God. We don’t define the church by activities, buildings, or programs.
Because of who God is and what he has done, we are forever new–given a new identity in this world. We are now learners and followers of Jesus. We are now sons and daughters of God.We are now missionaries, sent by God to restore and reconcile the world to himself. We are servants who bless and sacrifice as a way of life.


The gospel transforms cities culturally, socially, and spiritually.

  • We see Melbourne reconciled to God through Jesus
  • We see renewal of Melbourne culturally, social, and spiritually
  • We see gospel communities forming in every neighborhood
  • We see new churches planted throughout Melbourne, Australia, and the world.


Nat Clarke
Senior Pastor

Annie Clarke
MC Leader and Kids Church

Alicia & Matt Wakely
MC Leader

Chris Broomhead
Music Coordinator

Pru Spackman